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Wiping Clean an Old SSD

I mentioned I got a new 1tb samsung evo 970 evo NVME and had cloned from an old 2.5 inch samsung sata ssd into it.

I use a dell xps 15 9550 bought many years ago. I use windows 10 pro. Right now i tried to format it as I read online, you just connect the 2.5 inch old ssd to a 2.5 inch enclosure. I thought it would just show the drive next to my local drive and then i right click it and format it to wipe it.

But not only does it not show that... when i got disk management, there is issue

This disk is offline because it collusion with another disk with another disk that is online.

When you highlight the blue i... it shows that message.

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I like to know... could i just connect my 2.5 inch enclosure and ssd into a chromebook and quick format it that way?

I read online the reason I got that message is because the ssd in my laptop is the cloned ssd so it requires like the same hard drive since its cloned.

Now if i connect it to my chromebook... that is a much easier way right? Because I many times connected my 2.5 enclosure with a 2.5 inch 5400 rpm hdd... and when connected... I notice you can right click it and possibly format it. So its safer that way?

The other thing is this. If your chromebook has malware though... such as you downloaded things that could have malware... you connecting the 2.5 inch old samsung ssd into it... just to wipe it clean would not be at risk right? Thus if the chromebook has malware, it cant read anything or do something to to the 2.5 inch old samsung ssd? I have programs like keepass and other things there that I want to permanently delete... though its already coped to my current 1tb samsung ssd in my current laptop.

Can someone tell me the best way to do what I want to do here? I had thought it was as simple as connect the old 2.5 inch samsung ssd into the 2.5 inch enclosure... connect it to my dell xps laptop, then right click it and quick format... but it doesn't recognize it because its the same cloned drive...

So putting the old 2.5 inch samsung ssd with enclosure connected to another computer... hence the chromebook would make this simple?

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Can someone tell me if i could just put the ssd with enclosure into my chromebook and then format it?
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