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PSU Reccomendation

Hi, helping a mate build a PC. What is the best PSU for the RTX3070 around $100 AUD/$70USD ± 20USD. 


He's currently got a Ryzen 5 3600/ B550 / GTX1650 on Corsair 450W 80+ PSU


Is 80+ Gold worth it over the extra cost over Bronze?


I've been looking at theses two:


- EVGA GD 700W 80+ Gold - https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=100-GD-0700-V1 /

- Cooler Master MWE 80+ Gold -https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/mwe-series/mwe-gold-650-v2/




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80+ is a measure of power supply efficiency. With any conversion of power, there's always a little bit lost. Think about it like a trying to pour a filled-to-the-brim cup of water into another cup the same size. Despite your best efforts, you'll spill a little bit of water. This spilled water detracts from your total power budget, and it's typically lost as heat (though sometimes it's lost as noise).


The difference is, an 80+ Gold power supply will spill less water while you're pouring it, while the 80+ Bronze power supply has shakier hands. Bad power supplies act like a toddler trying to pour a cup of water, where most of it ends up on the floor. All will spill some amount of water, but the question is how much.


By proxy, a better engineered power supply is typically a higher efficiency power supply. That's why Seasonic can offer a 1000W fanless unit: it has 80+ Platinum efficiency and great engineering - it comes at a steep cost, but it's really efficient. If engineers spend a long time trying to engineer a good power supply, they'll also typically end up with a more efficient power supply, and the same exists in reverse (trying to make an efficient PSU makes a good PSU, too).


So, long story short: it depends on what your values are. I think 80+ Gold power supplies are great because they often come with zero RPM fan modes and run cooler for less noise, but other people on a budget opt for 80+ Bronze power supplies, and a well-engineered 80+ Bronze power supply is still worth it if it does its job safely.

"Not breaking it or making it worse is key."

"Bad choices make good stories."

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