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This is my first time building a new PC. The last PC I had is now 15 years old (with 312 MB DDR-2 RAM and an 8 GB HDD Pentium 4). I don't have a very high budget, say about 900~1000 dollars excluding the graphics card. I want my PC to be RTX 3070 compatible (for the day it finally comes back in stock). Since Black Friday is coming soon, I was planning on getting parts brought in from the US (Dad's friend in New York). What should my build be like and what'd be the best way for me to cash in on Black Friday (as a foreigner all I know is that there are some really crazy deals in this time).


The parts I have decided on so far are:

AMD Ryzen 3600 Processor + 16 GB RAM
ASUS Prime X570-P Ryzen 3 AM4
Future-proofing isn't really a priority for me, as my parents refused to upgrade my old PC for 15 years, I want something that my little brother can game on without worrying about games no longer running on it for at least the next 5 years. 
A 512 GB - 1 TB storage is fine, unless there's a really good sale.
I'm pretty lost on the other parts, specially the case. Pardon me for my indecisiveness. I'll most likely get only one shot at the PC build.
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You can do a pretty awesome build with your 1000 USD

Should i make you a best PC Parts list for 900~1000 USD(it will be awesome)?????

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On 10/23/2020 at 6:24 PM, Abdullah Bhutta said:

do you want Monitor and Peripherals too???

Umm monitor yes, peripherals nah I'll get those separately from here. And yea please do make the build!

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