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have i gone wrong rgb wise?

Budget (including currency): NA

Country: USA

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: No Mans Sky, Elite Dangerous, Plex server 

Other details Corsair 280x RGB case, 32 GB G.SKILL Trident Z ram, GIGABYTE B550M AORUS PRO AM4 AMD B550 Micro-ATX Motherboard, EK 240mm AIO D-RGB, Samsung 980 pro m.2, Seasonic FOCUS PX-750, going to order a 5800x when I can, and on waitlist for EVGA 3080.


It's been a long time since I've built myself a new PC and all the RGB stuff wasn't even a thing last time.  So worrying about easy compatibility didn't even cross my mind.  Now that I'm looking at everything i've noticed that the the ram and aio are both compatible with RGB fusion so I'm assuming the motherboard will be able to control them no problem.  I'm confused on the case though, it has the controller box with fan plug ins.  The Corsair seems to have 4 pin connections and the aio has 3 pin, are those still compatible with each other?  i know nothing about RGB, should I be thinking about exchanging some stuff to make my life easier?


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Three pin is generally addressable or digital rgb. The B550 Aorus Pro has both a 3-pin and a 4-pin header.


Corsair RGB products generally need iCUE for control. Last I saw, iCUE and RGB Fusion don't play well together.

80+ ratings certify electrical efficiency. Not quality.


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