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Any way to set 1950x memory access mode to local on the bios?

Hi guys and girls,


There is any way to set Threadripper 1950x memory access mode to local on the bios (x399 taichi)?

I am tired of opening ryzen master and having to set it manualy.. 


It makes me get better performance in games in general and don't hurt my multicore performance :)





·        AMD Threadripper 1950x @  4 GHZ

·        Cooler Master ML360R TR4 360mm AIO

·        Asrock x399 Taichi

·        64GB DDR4 Kingston Predator 3000mhz

·        EVGA 1080ti FTW3 @ 2ghz

·        Corsair AIR 740 + 5x Noctua 140mm IPC 2000

·        1x NVME Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500 GB

·        1x SSD Crucial MX300 1 TB

·        Corsair HX1200i

·        Monitor IIYAMA 34" 21:9 

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I'm not super familiar with the bios lay out on this board, but you can try looking in advanced tab, under AMD CBS/UMC (memory sub timing menu). 

If it's not there, do some digging cause I really am not sure lol. :P


- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! -

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