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Hello there, needed a little bit of help as I'm in a dilemma regarding which processor I should buy. I am considering buying either a ryzen 5 3600 or an intel core i5 10500. Which one will be better?

I will use the pc for gaming and doing graphic related tasks (designing, video editing, motion graphics etc). I will also use an aftermarket cooler with the cpu. With 16 gb of ram. Can you please give me your suggestion? Also it will be super helpful if you could briefly tell me why the processor of your choice is better. 

Thank you!

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3600 by far and above is the better CPU. 

PSU Tier List Thread

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"White Ice"

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2tb Crucial MX500 SSD | 2x 3tb Seagate Drive | Fractal Design Meshify S2 |  EVGA G2 750w PSU | 3x Corsair LL140 | 3x Corsair LL120


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13 hours ago, Skiiwee29 said:

3600 by far and above is the better CPU. 

Thanks a lot for your opinion!

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