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Investing in a good cooler

Hello folks
I'm slowing investing money in my pc, and my primary aim is to buy high end stuff that will last me some years.
Recently I got a good monitor (asus TUF ultrawide 35 inch 100hz) and a good psu (corsair rm750x), to give you an idea.
Now, I got a sufficient cpu cooler (a Gelid Tornado something) for now, but I would like to get something bigger and cooler so I can run my Ryzen 3600 at 4.5ghz without going into the 70s
Here's come the question: if I invest in something like a Noctua d-15 or a Deepcool Assassin 3, how is it likely that I will be able to still use it when am5 boards come out?
Many people told me to think about AIO coolers, and while they look great, I don't really know a lot about them beside that there is a slightly chance that they will eventually leak and fry your whole system.
Now, how is it likely to happen? Would the manufacturer cover all the lost components if it happens and you send proof? How many years of usage do they usually have in them?
I was interested in the ARCTIC liquid freezer II 240mm specifically. Again, is it possible that when AM5 boards come out will I be able to use it anyway?
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The only somewhat future proof colers come from Noctua, because they usually offer upgrade kits for new sockets if the mounting profile changes.

I don't think anyone else does that.


AIOs last about 3-5 years usually. Typically the pump fails or the liquird slowly evaporated before they start leaking.

Personally I'm not going to buy an AIO ever again. Aircoolers are simply more practical.

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Noctua will most likely provide AM5 mounts if needed when it's released. Many other manufacturers including Deepcool would likely do the same for their premium coolers albeit maybe a bit later and with a shipping charge. There's also a chance that the mounting remains the same as AM4. 

Most AIO's will last 5+ years. Coverage for damage will vary depending on the manufacturer but I think most don't cover for the system.

Liquid cooling can provide great thermal performance but it's more practical to go with a cheaper cooler and get a better cpu to begin with. 


Are you already able to hit 4.5ghz? At what settings and temps? What are you using to stress test?

If you ever need help with a build, read the following before posting: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/3061-build-plan-thread-recommendations-please-read-before-posting/
Also, make sure to quote a post or tag a member when replying or else they won't get a notification that you replied to them.

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