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Case swap from Yeyian Vortex 1200 to XPG invader = omg

Hello everyone,

so i dont normally post here, but ive been working on my pc one piece at a time, i originally got my pc with a cheap case:


Poor airflow = noise from the fans ramping up = bad temps
Little space for aftermarket cpu air coolers

Little space for cable management

PSU has to be mounted on the top.

included 4 Molex-only fans

Acrylic panel

Front panel audio never worked (but i believed until recently that it was my fault when connecting the cable so i didnt complain with the store lol)

Dont take me wrong, it was cheap and its good enough for a low budget, but now that im planning to get a rtx 3070 so i need better airflow.


last week i got the XPG invader case: https://www.xpg.com/en/feature/638/
Building with this case was actually pretty easy and i love it

Better airflow and better temps overall, i have 6x120mm fans and option for two more, 

Multiple options for watercooling

Better cable management (even if i suck at it).

PSU cover.

Front panel works perfectly with two usb 3.0, audio/mic jack and control for the included rgb (wasnt my fault :( after all)

Tempered glass

but specially: Silence. even with more fans.



So anyway, i just wanted to show how i understood the importance to get a good case, not only for the *A e s t h e t i c* but also to get better performance.

Does anyone has similar experiences where changing one thing feels like a huge improvement?





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