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Is high screen refresh rate a dealbreaker to you?

I was really looking forward to upgrading my iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12 and the fact that the refresh rate is still 60hz is turning me off a little. As I plan to keep the phone for at least 3 years I’ll be stuck with this refresh rate for a while. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should 1) just suck it up and get the 12 2) wait another year, or 3) switch to android. Am I caring too much about the refresh rate here?

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Honestly don't care. I've seen it in action, I've used it and I've turned it off to get more battery life. Sure it's nice to feel the smoothness but honestly it's a phone and I don't do any gaming or that stuff on it. Sure the ui feel is nice but would I be happy with 60 fps ui? Yes totally fine.


To me the iphone 12 just looks really outdated with the big notch and all so I would just not get it due to that and well no headphone jack :p. But up to you really.


Whats the reason you want to upgrade to a new phone anyways? Also if you want to get high refresh on a budget there are a few very very very good more budget smartphones with a high refresh rate screen that honestly you'd be hard to notice that it isn't as good as last years flagship.

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8 minutes ago, Crypt1c said:

Am I caring too much about the refresh rate here?

Only you can answer that, really. It's not like everyone has the same tastes. I have a OnePlus 8 Pro that can do 120Hz refresh-rate, but I'm happily using 60Hz, because it consumes less battery and the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz is so small that it just doesn't matter, it's just meaningless to me.

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It is for me, but only because I still have my iPhone X.

The other features arent enough of a reason for me to upgrade, a 120hz screen would be the kick I need to buy myself a new phone.

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7 minutes ago, Crypt1c said:


On a phone I personally don't really care. I've a friend with the OnePlus 7 (possibly the Pro) and while the 90Hz display was smooth, it's not something that I'd lose sleep about, especially on a phone. For desktop monitors, more refresh rate would be great. Probably because I'm staring at it for 8+ hours a day.


I guess if you're big into phone games then it might be more appealing.

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10 minutes ago, jaslion said:

Whats the reason you want to upgrade to a new phone anyways?

I haven’t been taking good care of the battery so right now it runs out faster than I’d like. Also, I want to play Genshin Impact on my phone without stutters lol

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I would honestly wait. They didn't really do anything new, just another reason to overpay for the newest phone, the only thing I can think of that they did cool was the included wireless charger.

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