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In need of Laptop for programming

“A short version of background”
Need a laptop for programming / watching YouTube.

Looked at XPS 13 but the 2020 version is out of hand from price point.

Don’t know which series of which brand is good for cost, spec, display, weight, stylish.

And here I’m looking for ideas.


So ... Budget is till 1200$ (150,000yen ... it’s usually a bit expensive in Japan).


Target Spec is “Core i5 9th or 10th gen / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD / FHD or 4K display”.

Don’t know if the GPU is needed or not.


Let’s go?

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Acer swift 3 with a ryzen 4500u? Better than any of intels low power offerings and also beats their high power i5's and hovers between those and the i7's. All whilst being crazy efficient thus having a lot of battery life.


I mean honestly you can program on a potato really so basically aside from programming what is the most important part(s) for you about a laptop?

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I own hp 15,which was 500 euros,with ryzen 3500u,8gb ram(upgraded to 16gb by myself) and 512 nvme ssd.

what ever you are learning it will do it just fine with cheaper option.I am running visual studio,youtube,firefox with 20+ tabs without anyproblem or lag.Compiling for begginer is fast enough since you are doing small stuff.


my advice,buy a cheaper laptop and buy one external monitor.Learning will be much easier then constantly switching tabs.Most of the youtube videos will suggest high end build for some proffesionall programmers,but in case of begginer its not needed at all.My buddy is doing app development at his company with old macbook,that has old i7 and 8gb ram.

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