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Graphics card as fast as cpu

Are there any graphics cards that are as fast as  cpus? Ie Mhz to Ghz?

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they both handle totally different tasks

GPUs are more complex and several times faster than CPUs at what they do

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2 minutes ago, Goku1814 said:

Are there any graphics cards that are as fast as  cpus? Ie Mhz to Ghz?

You're comparing apples to oranges. CPUs are for general-purpose code, whereas GPUs execute a very limited set of instructions specifically for maths -- you can't run general purpose code directly on a GPU. As such, comparing the clocks of one device to the other doesn't make sense.

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as wercatf says cpu´s in fact are REALLY slow compared to a GPU because it does a common task, in fact a GPU has way more cores than any CPU has, and even though CPU´s have hardware instructions that makes certain code types faster. it really is one of the slowest things in a pc, because it is focused on being able to run software simulation on everything...


that is also why simple cuda acceleration for some work loads are cheaper and much faster than large scale workstations. 


f.ex. the 3080 has 8706 simple cuda cores 

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Probably not going to happen for a long time, if ever. GPU dies are bigger than CPU dies in general, and are more general purpose. GPUs have a wider memory interface, and execute far more in parallel than a CPU ever could. That being said, there is rumored to be a special edition Big Navi card being worked on by an AIB (probably a Strix) that will boost to 2.57Ghz, which is pretty insane if true. But, by the time GPUs shit 3Ghz I can see Intel inching towards 6Ghz single core boost on a smaller process node. 

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4 hours ago, Goku1814 said:

Are there any graphics cards that are as fast as  cpus? Ie Mhz to Ghz?


For the same task a GPU is about 20X faster or more than a CPU.


Like in Folding at home etc.

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Frequency doesn't tell the whole story.

On one hand you can have a 12 core CPU for general purposes, and on the other hand you have a GPU with hundreds or thousands of slower "cores" that are amazing at doing just one thing, which is graphics processing.

You could use the parallel processing power of GPU's to accelerate other things like folding, but that's about it.


Sometimes having a lot of something "slower", is better than having 1 fast thing. That's why there's no need to have 2-4GHz GPU's.

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