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Mounting a 43" to 55" TV vertically -- need advice on mount and TV

So this is the space I'm using, very incomplete, I have a 49" Sony X800h, I'm going to wall mount it behind the desk and a bit lower. Going to mount a LG CX 48" above the X800h ideally flush with the X800h along the bottom and left. 


Going to remove the desk after wall mounting, put in a floating shelf 


Waiting on the CX and mounts to come in. I'm also wanting to get a third TV (43" possibly up to 55" if feasible) and mount it vertically to the left of the other two. Considering another X800h or possibly an LG UN7300.


Theres 26" free space on the wall to the left of the X800h (if I mount the X800h directly behind where it is now but a bit lower), so I could mount flush with the wall up to another 49" I think, though fit would be really tight. I'd rather mount it in the corner and tilted towards me.


Forgive the crude drawing but basically like this, in the spot on the left. The magnets behind the lamp are where the studs are. The rear wall far left stud  is 6" from the wall, 16" spacing to second stud. The left wall is 30" to the balcony door. Theres a stud 16" from the wall and another 28". 



I've looked at some corner TV mounts that might work using the 6" rear stud and 16" left stud, but they're all designed for horizontally mounting I think.


Theres also this kind that mounts on a single stud. The only one I could find that rotates 90 degrees has a 44 lb weight limit, which is technically enough, but... probably not ideal for a 49" to 55"




Here is a similar single stud arm mount that holds 88 lbs, but it doesn't rotate. I *think* I could mount a TV vertically by just inverting the VESA pattern, but the balance is probably all wonky...





So any advice on how to mount a TV vertically where I want it? I was thinking the above mount on the rear left stud and then use the arm to position it.


I'd also appreciate advice on TVs that mount better vertically than others. Looking for a cheap IPS panel like LG UN7300, maybe a Nanocell 85, or maybe another X800h. The mounting pattern on the X800h is quite low, not sure how well it would work


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Any thoughts? Could really use advice...


Without I guess I might try a 49" LG Nanocell 85, as it looks like it works well with the X type mount


Back Zoom. LG - 49" Class NanoCell 85 Series LED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV.


Oddly the LG Un7300, a cheaper TV, weighs 6 pounds less though so it might be a better choice at least as far as weight distribution. But looks like the X style mounts might conflict with cables more. Though...since I'm vertical mounting I can use the "side" HDMI inputs easily.


Back Zoom. LG - 50" Class UN7300 Series LED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV.


I still expect these TVs to be very bottom heavy despite how they look

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