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Asus Zephyrus G GA502DU not booting after Bios update


I recently updated my GA502DU from 302 to 304. About 50% of the way through the progress bar the screen went black but the laptop was still on. I let it go for another 15 minutes when nothing changed. Nothing was responding. No screen glow the backlight on the keyboard was still on. I had to hold the power button down for 30 seconds in order to get it to power down. Started it back up and nothing came on the monitor. Power light is on and the fans are going and even ramp up after a while but no other activty. Any suggestions? Can I recover the BIOS? The machine was purchased Last Sept so it's not just out of warrenty. 

Any Help Apprieciated.


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2 hours ago, Jhh2392 said:

Did you get this fixed? I just bricked mine...

I would recommend contacting Asus technical support and discuss the options. Some manufacturers have a way of performing BIOS flashback on laptops even if that is not advertised or officially supported. I am not sure if Asus have that option on their laptops, but either way you will need contact them and see what can be done in this situation. 

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