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Strange, generic looking GPU for sale near me

This "2080 Super" just showed up for sale on Facebook marketplace. Everything about it looks fake/extremely generic, so I initially assumed it was just another bios modded scam gpu, but then I noticed the NVLink connectors... Is this a brand I've just never seen before?  Or are the scammers getting better at what they're doing? It's not even that good of a price, so I likely won't get hands on with it, but I did ask for a picture of the backplate, so I'll post that if the seller responds... What is this thing? 


Edit: added photo of a backplate, seller says it "came in a computer he bought"






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It's a weird cooler, and it's a little sketchy that he didn't include pictures of the backplate or I/O. If it's just a solid black backplate and the I/O is correct, my guess would be a reference design taken from a prebuilt. 




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