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Crashing after installing second SSD

Hey guys, I recently have installed an M.2. NVME SSD, the 970 from Samsung.

Since I've done that, my PC tends to crash somewhen in the first 2 hours after booting up (though not always the case).

OS is running on a seperate SSD, the 860 from Samsung.

Nothing is stored on the new NVME SSD yet.


To describe the crash, all of a sudden everything freezes, the screen and sound.

A second later I get to see my boot up screen (Aorus Logo / The chance to get into BIOS).


My PC will crash 2 maybe 3 out of 10 times. So it's inconsistent.


Just now after crashing and rebooting, my headphones were playing and then they disconnected.

Looking at the taskbar, right corner, on top of the volume icon, a red circle with an "x" started appearing and disappearing continuously for 4 seconds till I regained sound.

The (volume icon) issue just occured for the first time and is gone by now. Though still wanted to mention it since it might be related, no clue.


I formatted the NVME SSD after installing it, for my PC to be able to use it's storage.

These issues never occured before the installation of the NVME SSD.


Any ideas?

I'll be answering late, gotta go to work.



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