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My pc chilling with fans.

I have 4 artic p14 pwm 4 pin fans on custom case and they chill pc, but also ''chill'' pc with dust snowflakes. I knew that would be, so I've bought metal washable dust mesh and tryed control 3 fans when I'm doing nothing demanding process to reduce dust even with mesh.


Speed fans, even argus monitor saying to me that front fans not controllable and lower fan isnt recognized, so only back and cpu fans are controllable, first I updated bios then checked fans, changed fans, all tryed and again the same. They work and all of them are 4 pin pwm, but only front and lower fans arent controllable.

Then I tryed ai suite 2 on asus p9x79 and fans are controllable, but not exact how I liked. I want to shutdown them, when pc ''resting''.


So fans controlling work and all fans work, but I can't shutdown them or even put on 200rpm. 


How I can do that ?

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No one fan isn't on some adapter etc. they are all directly pluged in mobo.

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