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How to increase size of Kubuntu partition and reduce size of Windows 10 partition

Hey guys,


I have Kubuntu and Windows 10 in a dual boot config on my machine and was wondering how do I increase the size of my Kubuntu partition by taking away the GB available in my WIndows partiton? I have two partitions on my hard drive the Kubuntu one and Windows 10. I want to enable hibernation on Kubuntu but don't have enough free space to create a swap file so I want to increase the space available to Kubuntu in order to do that. I also want to be able to hibernate Kubuntu and then go into Windows 10 to play games. How can do I this? I have a GRUB menu where I can choose between Kubuntu and Windows, if I choose WIndows it uses the WIndows bootloader.

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Making a swap drive it's pretty easy. First log on to windows and open disk manager. In disk manager select the drive that you'd like to reduce and right click --> shrink it by the amount of MB you'd like to use as swap. Then apply the settings and you'll have set GB as "unallocated space". Afterwards you can open gparted in Kubuntu and assign that drive as a swap partition. As far as booting windows while ubuntu is hybernating AFAIK that's not possible with multiple installations (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

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