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I'm looking to build my first pc for about $650 (inr 50,000) using.


Ryzen 3 3100

Nvidia 1650 super 

8+8gb 3200mhz ram

Asrock b450m pro4

1tb Seagate hdd

Kingstone a2000 250gb ssd

Corsair spec 05

Corsair VS 550


Tell me if you would change anything in it.


Also please suggest a monitor for about 150 usd. Will be using this pc for light to mid gaming, coding and occasional light graphic related work.


Ps. I live in india so offers in usa like $60 for a 500gb Kingston a2000 varient  or 2tb Seagate hdd for about the same price as 1tb will not be applicable.


Thank you.











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This is a very good budget build, but I would change the case for one with more airflow. I would say save up a bit more and get a good 1080p 144hz IPS monitor. For $150 in India, you're looking at 60hz monitorss. The 144hz will be a big improvement over a 60hz or even a 75hz monitor so I would suggest this instead of possibly going with 1440p, which your PC won't be able to run very well anyway.

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