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Monitor with speakers not shown as an audio device

I don't know when this exactly happened but I noticed recently that my BenQ GW2283 monitor stopped being recognized as a monitor with audio. I had used both the in-built speakers as well as the audio passthrough a few weeks ago. I also noticed that the device manager isn't showing it as a BenQ monitor and lists it as a Generic PnP monitor (I have only seen this happen with laptops).


In the screenshot here, the audio devices don't have it mentioned however, in the "Devices" section inside Settings, the BenQ monitor is listed in "Other Devices" and has a monitor icon next to it. Oh, I should mention that the monitor is working perfectly fine as my secondary screen, no issues there.


Nvidia control panel shows the BenQ monitor as an audio device but Windows won't show that as an option (so maybe it's something to do with Windows or Realtek?)


I noticed that the audio doesn't work when I plugged in my headphones into the audio passthrough of the monitor (I do that while they are charging as the other headphone ports are in inconvenient locations).
What I have tried:

  • I tried reconnecting the HDMI, moving the HDMI to a different port on the monitor, couldn't do the same on the graphics card because it has 3 DPPs and just the solitary HDMI.
  • I checked and updated any and all A/V drivers
  • I checked Nvidia drivers

I can't seem to recognize what the issue could be. Any help would be appreciated.

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Doesn't matter if your screen has a speaker or not, all hdmi connections will pass through the audio signal.

For what i've seen in that screenshot it detected the monitor as an audio output.

What you need to do is change the audio output to Nvidia HDMI in sound output options.

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9 minutes ago, SupaKomputa said:

audio output to Nvidia HDMI in sound output options.

This is where I seem to be running into a problem. It isn't present as a sound output option.
























On checking the Sound Playback list, it says Nvidia outputs are not plugged in. I checked in the Nvidia control panel and the audio is turned on for the HDMI port and it lists the monitor

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