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Oppinion on The Impact of Thermals/Airflow for "Casual" Usage ?


I would like to ask you your opinion on Thermal and Airflow, but on an actual real day-to-day usage for someone that do nothing but gaming, at not even ultra high performance.

So basically, not a Blender user, nor any rendering workload. No work such as Video Editing. No Streaming. And even game at 1080p or 1440p at max (so not in 4K). 
I do plan to go on some "Triple A" tittle however (and would even use some VM but I think that's besid the point).


All the video on Airflow you can find from LTT and GN are a real golden mine of information, but please tell me: Is it really impactfull for someone like me, as described above ?

I would like to acquire the Corsair Carbide SPEC-06 (White), I use an RTX 2070 Super, and plan to probably get these new AMD 5000 serie CPU. And of course add a bunch of Fan at the back and the front of the case (the ID-Cooling ZF-12025 in case you wonder).


Should I be considerate of the Airflow performence, would it actually impact me ? Or does it really "only" matter to people that use heavy workload (again, such as Video Editng, Rendering...) ?


Sorry if it's a silly question, but the closer I come to the acquisition day, the more paranoid of making a bad choice I become X_X. 

Thanks you very much for the answers and thought. 

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I recently upgraded my case because I wanted two top exhaust fans. It's in preparation for my 3080. It looks like a similar thing to mine. As long as you're exhausting hot air, it's all good.

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generally a case with poorer airflow will get hotter, making the cpu and gpu coolers work more. 

in the best case scenario, it will just be noisier

in the worst case scenario, they can't keep up with the air temp in the case and the performance will be decreased (thermal throttling)

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As long as the case has some venting, it will be functional. Higher airflow cases typically allow fans to quieter (although typically with less dampening), if that's important to you. If you buy the case from a reputable manufacturer, you're not going to have any issues.

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Server: Intel Xeon X5670, 60 GB 1333 MT/s DDR3-R Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 LTS x86_64

Laptop: Intel Core i5-3320M, 16 GB 1600 MT/s DDR3 Fedora 32 x86_64

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Thanks for all your replies.

It's not that much important no, I'm actually mainly looking at this case for its design that I really like, but I don't want to end up regretting my choice if there is a big impact on my performence.
Again I will only be gaming at "mid-high" performence I would say ( 1080-1440p Ultra setting). But if the only downside would be some noise due to higher RPM for the Fan, as long as it doesn't damage them (which I doubt it will ?) I'm fine

I just want to be sure it's not that big of a bad choice if I don't plan to stress out my computer with some heavy demanding works. 

Thanks ! 

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