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Need some advice on monitor Hunt specs(4K/HDR)

I'm upgrading from 1080p and am looking for new primary monitor.


It's main uses will be:


media consumption (plex, netflix and youtube stuff) in 4K and possibly HDR if possible.

Games - although not fps games like CSGO or rocket League and stuff like that. So not too fussed about refresh rates over say 120 as I doubt they' make a difference. It's mainly about making them look good. Mainly gaming in the skyrim/ BG3 type of games (glorious looking RPGs and other single player games) and throw in some GTA  as well. 

So its more colour and depth than sheer speed that I'm probably after. I've been more into the inernal hardware stuff than monitors and so am a bit out of my depth here. I see stuff about pc monitors struggle to get true HDR without a massive price tag to boot.


It will be paired with an i9-9900K and plan to get a RTX3080 TUF (as soon as mere mortals can get them that is), and 1 or 2 AOC 1080p monitors.


Mainly looking for what to pay most attention to, panel type best for this, refresh/latency, HRD rating, HDMI or DP, minimum version of HMDI or DP and such. Hope to keep it at about 500$ if possible so some compromises might be needed (insert random sadface here)

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Depends entirely on your budget. 

You’ve got:


LG 27GN950 - HDR600 ~£800


ASUS PG27UQ - HDR1000 ~£2,000


ASUS PG32UQX (Coming Jan 2021) - HDR1400 ~£3,500


Curveball would be a:


LG CX 48” ~£1400



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HOLY SHIRTBALLS! 800£ and up for a barely HDR monitor? I paid like 60% of that for a Full HDR TV.


Ok, I think HDR goes off the table then for monitor, that's just crazy money and a lot cheaper to drag cables to my living room. Focusing on 4K then, its down to panel types and connections then I'm guessing as most important.

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