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What would you guys think about putting a pair of TY-141s on a NH-U12A?

Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I can get a 20%-ish discount on the U12A and use the two NF-A12s on Accelero (which I already have).


The U12A would then get some oversize effect like many dual towers and like Macho single towers and Fortis and a couple of other single towers but unlike the U12A with stock fans.


Or would you buy a dual-tower heatsink the TY-141s (which I already have)?

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Bit confused on the wording, you want to put diff fans on the U12A? IIRC the reason it cools so well is that the finstack was engineered specifically for the fans it ships with, removing them kinda defeats the point. 

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If I understood your wording correctly you are thinking of buying a U12A cooler, taking the fans that came with the cooler off and use them for a different cooler, then use a pair of TY-141s for the U12A. I'm guessing the main question is "Is there a benefit to replacing the 120mm fans that come with the U12A with a pair of 140mm fans?". If that is your question, I don't think there would be a noticeable difference if one at all. You would be better off either keeping the stock 120mm fans on the U12A, or if you have the budget and case clearance for a bigger cooler like a NH-D15, that would be a better choice.

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The op want to get the u12a and take the 120mm fans off to mount them on gpu cooler. One of the Accelero gpu coolers. 

He would then use a 140mm fan on the u12a.


Modding the gpu cooler is fine. But I wouldn't use a 140mm fan on the u12a

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Thank you. I normally would have preferred a RAM-friendly dual tower or huge 14cm single tower, though there aren't many of the latter kind. But the U12A caught my attention due to the increased pipe count and total fin area. In the end, I ended up buying a naked TC14PE heatsink today, to go with the TY-141 fans via included clips. TC14PE + 2xTY-141 is probably pretty retro. And the total cost was about as much as a (new!) Fuma anyway, so perhaps not the best strategizing. Oh, we'll see.

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That would work fine and not a bad way to get better fans on the Accelero. Not sure if cpu cooling would be better or worse than the stock NF-A12x25's though. 

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