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Is my Power Supply failing ?

Hi Everyone,

ever since i upgraded my PC to a Ryzen 5 3600 based build, my PC does not boot without "Assistance", let me explain, usually a PC just posts once you have pressed the power button, it doesn't happen for me.


my power on led in the power button does not come on right away but all case fans spin and everything RGB lights up as normal, but for some reason i have to do a mouse click or press keys on the keyboard multiple times and it just boots up most of the time.


i am concerned it might be my power supply failing, i did some research and found that a faulty power switch could be the culprit, i have however eliminated that possibility by jumping the motherboard on, same issue.


i would really appreciate some thoughts on this issue, possibly even a solution if someone has faced this issue and managed to fix it, Specs are mentioned below.


Also- thoughts on the Antec NE650M V2 as a replacement power supply if needed.


PSU- Corsair VS550

RAM- Adata RBG Spectrix 16 gb 3000Mhz

CPU- Ryzen 5 3600

HDD & SSD- WD Blue 1 TB and Kingston Sata 500GB

GPU- GTX 1060 6gb

Motherboard- MSI B450M Pro M2 V2

Case (if it helps)- Antec GX505.

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3 minutes ago, boggy77 said:


Ohh sorry, i missed that, its an MSI B450M Pro M2 V2

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3 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

i would start by re-seating all components and doing a bios update.

have you made any changes in bios?

I have not yet made any changes to the bios since i bought it, except enabling XMP and setting up boot priorities.

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1 hour ago, boggy77 said:

try a bios update

Hi, i have updated the bios and it has immediately made a difference, i will definitely see for a couple days if this actually fixed anything of course, but thanks for the help.

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