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If you have any good websites or softwares for school and reivsion please respond anything like planners or flash card makers would be hlepfull

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Which curriculum? I have a few but they are specific to curriculum.

I will recommend an NHu12s (or an NHd15 (maybe)) for your PC build. Quote or @ me @Prodigy_Smit for me to see your replies.

PSU Teir List | Howdy! A Windows Hello Alternative 



Desktop :

i7 8700 | Quadro P4000 8GB |  64gb 2933Mhz cl18 | 500 GB Samsung 960 Pro | 1tb SSD Samsung 850 evo

Laptop :

Legion y520 | i5 7300hq | 1050 4gb (Manual OC) | 16gb 2400Mhz cl18 | 256 GB SSD | 2tb HDD


Xeon E3 1245 | 16gb ECC ram | 256 GB SSD | 2*2tb HDD

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Im doing gcses If ur not in the uk i think that is the first major test of high school

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