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A new 4K TV for my dad, he is thinking of OLED77CXPVA

My dad wants to buy a new 4K TV.

He wants the TV for the living room, for watching movies and TV shows. Not gaming.

Although the LG TV he is interested at even has 120Hz refresh rate.


Do you have suggestions for alternatives or better TVs than the OLED77CXPVA?


Here is links to the TV:



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I have what is essentially the older and smaller version of that. It has the OLED advantages and disadvantages compared to others. Great black levels, no glowing effects, but against it not top tier HDR if that matters. It fit the sweet spot for me so I didn't look at others.

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This guy claims there are issues with the image quality and reflections of the LG TV,

But I am not sure if the LG is still way better than the competition in terms of image quality.


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9 hours ago, Sargon said:

This guy claims there are issues with the image quality and reflections of the LG TV,

But I am not sure if the LG is still way better than the competition in terms of image quality.



I mean those points are just his pet peeves with the TV. For comparison, here's my take on my C9 with is points (basically the same thing):


  1. It really is scarily thin. While setting up my C9 alone I was afraid I'd snap the thing in half (don't install it alone). It's gorgeous design in my opinion though so take that as you will.
  2. Relatively low peak brightness and reflections - This is a known "issue" with OLEDs, which you just have take into consideration. First, the thing is glass, that will reflect no way around it and an anti reflective coating will probably mess with the picture somehow. Glossy just looks better. Second: yes they don't go as high in peak brightness as some LCD models do. In return they offer (if the source material allows for it) absolute pitch black darkness.
  3. Grainy in some scenes - I can't really say anything about this. Never encountered it so far. It could be a slew of things ranging from his image mode and processing settings to the source material itself.
  4. Complicated settings - Yeah the menu isn't the quickest to navigate and settings can be a bit hidden, but you're not going to tell me you change settings ever minute. To me it makes sense the mode changes with input, but there's a setting to apply current settings to all inputs. he wants "the perfect mode", as he puts it, that allows him to watch his content in any scenario necessary. Well guess what: that doesn't exist. You'll have to adapt to your viewing conditions. The deeper settings are then to fine tune your experience. It took me like what, 30 minutes going around seeing what I like and compare different modes and settings and never touched it since. Standard is probably completely fine for most people that don't care that much.
  5. Awful remote - Dunno, I quite love the magic remote. Nice hand feel and the pointer is really nice I find. To each their own.


He mentions in various places that these are just his dislikes about it, but he presents them as flaws while he should have presented as what they are: just his problems with the TV. OLEDs are indeed less suitable for viewing in bright conditions with lots of direct light, windows etc. because they don't get as bright as the brightest LCD panels out there. However, if you're just watching movies and TV shows at night there's zero issue with it. Just keep in mind that during the day you may need to cover some windows to take care of reflections.


[Edit] About the graininess issue he even mentions in the comments "No, it can't be eliminated. You can smooth it out with various changes, but lower bandwidth streaming in some dark scenes does this.". In other words he's blaming the TV for displaying low quality highly compressed content as low quality highly compressed content.

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Thanks, that was a good explanation.

My dad decided to go with this TV. He is now waiting for November because he thinks prices will drop then.

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