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"Riley's SICK Minimalist Setup" unplayable

I'm having trouble playing this video on your YouTube channel.


I can see people have made comments to it, and I can preview the thumbnail. However, whenever I go to its page, I get the following error where the video should be:


"This video is unavailable on this device."


Shortly after this, the page auto-switches to another video on YouTube.  My machine is a laptop though I've tried other devices, and other browsers, but it just refuses to let me view it.

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I watched that video, so can confirm it must be something localized to you. Do you have a VPN by chance? If you do, I wonder what happens if you switch regions.

EDIT: I take that back. I too can no longer view it.

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Huh? I wonder if YouTube has blocked it for breaking one of their infamous (and largely unfounded) restrictions.

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Looks like it's back up as of ~30 seconds ago.


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Something must've happened on YouTube's end. Looks like it's processing again since It's only available in 360p now.


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