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What's a good budget AIO for 1070ti @G12?

Available rad spots:


top exhaust: 3x140 max

rear exhaust: 1x140 max (2 fans for push-pull doable if also grabbing an AIO for CPU)

front intake: 2x140 max (but bottom will be restricted; however, 4 fans would be doable for a push-pull)

bottom intake: 140+120 max (but front will be restricted; 4 fans would be doable)


The intakes could be flipped (e.g. 140 rear-top and 140 rear intake, with rads on front-top and front as exhausts), though that's probably not a great idea (unless maybe bottom, as in blow the rad air outta the bottom of the case and onto the floor underneath)


As for rad placement, let's say I decide to use 280 for CPU and 280 for GPU. Which way would be better — CPU top and GPU front or vice versa? Or get a smaller unit, put in the bottom or rear and keep 2x140 no-rad front intakes?


Unfortunately, G12 won't support Arctic Liquid Freezer II, so gotta stick with Asetek. Ideally not too expensive. As far as I know, water is more efficient with GPUs and they don't need the same huge rad surface as CPUs do for the same TDP. So maybe something like Master Lite will suffice? Or a decent 140mm unit to put in the bottom or rear, in order to keep 2x140 front intake fans with no rads obstructing them?


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There are no AIO for graphics cards, there are AIO adapters but they're severely flawed. Just keep it air or go full water loop.

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14 minutes ago, NewbieOne said:



Unless you're doing it for aesthetics putting a adapter and aio on a 1070ti is a pretty bad choice. I wouldn't put it under a full loop, either, I'd upgrade to a better card. Say you wanted to do that. You'd need a conversion kit that matches your GPU, and an aio. If you're doing it for aesthetics, Go with a Deepcool Castle Ex. If you're not doing it for aesthetics, well just don't do it lol.  I'd probably mount it at the top or back, but I'd make sure to Position the rad so that the tubes face down. If you don't (for some reason, you're cooling a gpu lol), Cooling performance may be affected, and you'll hear a gurgling noise. If you put it on the bottom of the case, chances are that will happen, but worse. If you put it on the top of the case, well I don't know how you'd get it down to the GPU, but that'd work too. As for size, Well, It's a 1070ti. Put whatever size you wan't, it shouldn't drastically affect temps. 


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Well, I was thinking G12 plus something used or something cheap like a CM Lite, as an alternative to Accelero/Morpheus+Noctua for a similar cost. But spending the card's worth again on cooling would be a poor choice vs upgrading it or adding a twin in SLI, yeah. I've already posted adds to sell the 1070ti, thinking maybe to keep the G12+AIO for something better. Alternatively, I could just get an Accelero with fan swap or Morpheus to play some with the card I have. It's a special OC version with 8+8 instead of 8+6 and soaks TDP well, so I thought I could have some fun with it for tinkering's sake. But yeah, well, financially it does make more sense to just upgrade the card.


Edit: Bought an Accelero Xtreme III.

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