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PC turns on but monitor will not. (Intermittent)

Hi all,

every now and then my PC monitor will fail to turn on with my pc (everything else boots up fine) and then show signal not detected if I hold the power button down and restart it, it works fine I’ve swapped various parts including.


But still does this intermittently . I’ve also tried turning off fast start up and reseating the display port cable however still doesn’t make an imagine appear. My gpu is a 5700xt and the monitor is a iiyama red eagle gb2560HSU-B1. Can’t seem to see anything causing it specifically it just randomly happens every now and then.

the cable I’m using is this https://www.amazon.co.uk/DisplayPort-Snowkids-Supports-Ethernet-Cable-red-Red/dp/B07HCF7B28. I have ordered another one that is vesa certified to see if it may be that.

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Is cable in GPU or motherboard. Make sure it is in GPU

Please tag me @RTX 3090 so I can see your reply

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