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Computer power on clicking and led fans flashing

Hi all,


Just reinstalled my CPU cooler as wasnt happy with the temps. Upon plugging the PC back in, pressed the power on and i was greeted with clicking noise and my pc led fans flashing. Never had any issues with the pc before hand and is currently working flawlessly now.


Turned the pc off and pulled all the plugs out of the back and checked the connections on the pc to check i hadnt knocked anything all looked fine so hooked it all back up. All worked fine after this im thinking i didnt seat the power cable into the back of the pc correctly could this cause this as its the only thing I can think off?


Popped into bios to double check everything and my bios has been reset "clear cmos information BIOS has been reset please re config your bios". unsure if this is related or not. All the PC parts are 4 months old and havent had an issue to date, and the pc has been turning on and off fine all day.


PC Speccs


Ryzen 5 3600

AMD 5700xt

Gigabyte b550i

Corsair SF750 Platinum PSU 

16gb Corsair ddr4 ram


any ideas?

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