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So i bought a pc recently and it's causing me trouble.The setup is:

ryzen 5 3600

16gb ram

rtx 2070

b450 aorus mpsu

psu seasonic S12III-550 80+bronze , 550w


The problem is I've got autio interference from other components inside my case.Whenever I move my mouse around I hear a sound or whenever I scroll,move a window around,whenever the cpu/gpu gets louder so does the sound inside my headset,another problem i've encountered is when im playing a game on max settings my gpu is making a buzz sound,but whenever i for example press the window key to get out of the game or alt+tab , the buzzing sound and the sound inside my headset stops until i get on the windows screen from the game, then starts again.I've tried different headsets,jack ports , other mouse/keyboards,the problem is still there.The keyboard+mouse+headset im running atm is not causing anything on this other pc so im guessing it's something hardware related.

Im thinking of getting in warranty psu+mobo+gpu , is something else related to that ?

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The sound in your headset is EMI, you fix that by getting an external DAC/AMP or audio interface.

The sound coming from your GPU is coil whine and changing parts will not fix it, it is not a defect, that just happens with electronics.

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if you want to get a DAC, the SMSL M2 is great for its price and its very compact aaaand it only needs one USB connection

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I think I tried some sort of adaptor , didn't try dedicated video card tho.

Should I even bother sending the GPU in warranty cause of the coil whining or they won't care about it ?

Also , will getting a different sound card degrade from the integrated sound that I've got on that mobo?(only gaming)


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