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Massive framedrop when connecting Bluetooth headset

This doesn't make any sense to me. When having both my Xbox controller and headset wirelessly connected to my desktop, everything is fine until I fire up a game and then get a massive framedrop. At the same time, the audio constantly interrupts. However, if I connect my headset to my phone, the problem disappears. This doesn't make any sense to me.

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what's probably happening (you can verify this by connecting the xbox controller with a cable and have the headset connected) is your bluetooth is changing operation states when you have both a controller (likely using USB over bluetooth) and the headset (using HFP/HSP or A2DP standards for voice+audio or just audio respectively)

this constant switching will chew through your processor resources and HDD or SSD seek time causing the frame timing to shoot through the roof. 


if you use a wired connection for your controller it will just use the USB controller ignoring bluetooth and then the bluetooth can stay in one standard, no more switching, better performance. 

if it's wired with the headset wireless and you are still getting drops you may need to reinstall or update your bluetooth driver. 

Current Config:


R5 2600X @4.1ghz all core, 16GB Patriot 3200mhz, 1TB XPG SX8200 Pro nvme, RTX 2070 Duke, CM Elite 110 mitx, pair of KRK Rokit 6 monitors with 10in sub, BenQ TH671ST projector for 150" screen. 

MSI Prestige 14 with too many cooling mods to list out (it's quiet now)


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So there is no way to have both headset and controller connected over bluetooth? That seems like a major problem right?

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