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Pc shutting down and booting up but still working and bugging out/crashing

Dear pc enthusiasts, I have problems with my pc since the last windows install i did. I needed to reinstall windows because ESET broke it and i couldn't do anything. So, a few days ago i reinstall it completely and it works, but i have new issues now.


One of them is my pc shutting down but still working than after a few minutes booting, but in that process i can do anything on the pc, i can legit play a game while that thing plays out.


The second issue that i have is an issue with 2 games i tried out, Bioshock Infinite in particular. When i open the game around 10 seconds pass and than boom its frozen, my whole system freezes and bugs out.


My specs:


GPU: GTX 1660s Gigabyte 3 fans

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

RAM: 2x8gb Patriot Viper Blackout 3600mhz

PSU: Be quiet! Straight Power 11 750w GOLD

HDD: Toshiba P300 2tb 7200rpm

SSD: Adata 256gb


CASE: Cooler Master Masterbox MB600L


Win 10 PRO 64bit

version 2004, OS BUILD 19041.508

BIOS version 2.8



I will provide you with event viewer screenshots as well as a photo taken with my phone:




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2 minutes ago, _Omega_ said:

any oc on any parts?


I never overclock anything, but my gpu is OC edition i think.


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