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Alphacool Eisbaer 420.


Anybody have this and care to comment on its performance vs noise, emphasis on noise?


I know the pump's supposed to have some sort of acoustic insulation and is only a little less powerful with 7V instead of 12, but my primary point of interest is whether it can be truly silent in idle and low loads. I know it's going to be quieter than the best air coolers when it comes to huge loads on huge OCs, but again, I'm focusing on whether it can be actually silent when the load is light.


Yes, it will fit the case, etc. The processor is mid-range — 9600KF, but I'm going through a point in my life in which there's more money than time, so doubling the budget and going for a nice AIO instead to escape comparing air coolers and cheaper AIOs does make sense, while I still don't have the kind of money to go for a proper custom loop.


Also, this cooler is supposed to be moddable due to its modularity. Anybody got examples?



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Silent, mehhh.....no. Depends on how sensitive your ears are. The pump normally runs at 2800rpm max speed(I know the spec says 2600rpm). In idle or low load, you can set a custom pump profile in BIOS to reduce the speed to 85%. But runs at 100% in heaver load situations. You can still hear it if you stick your ears two inch from the pump. Some can say it's silent from a normal distance.


The cooler uses standard G1/4 fittings. And the rad is copper. So you can expand, replenish and replace components. The tubing is very low quality. So are the quick release connectors.

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