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Someone is FINALLY taking AMD seriously! - HP Enterprise Laptops Showcase (SPONSORED)

Thanks to HP for sponsoring this video!


We check out 4 of HP's Ryzen based thin and light laptops, give them a spin, and see how awesome Ryzen is for enterprise-grade notebooks.


Check out the laptops here:

Probook x360 at the HP Store: https://bit.ly/33eGLe4

Preorder the Elitebook 845 at CDW: https://bit.ly/3ndfoZQ

Order the Probook 445 at B&H Photo: https://bit.ly/33kXHzk

The Aero will be available soon: https://bit.ly/3cRdvgI AMD is finally getting some love in mainstream laptops thanks to HP's Enterprise line up.



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Just now, Radium_Angel said:

Oh boy!

More HP junk! Can't wait to see that in the discard pile on the local Goodwill.

But the business line of HPs aren't that bad...

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Just now, TotallyNotGigabit said:

But the business line of HPs aren't that bad...

Damning with faint praise.

Sorry, I have a personal and professional grudge against HP. Don't mind me, I'm just pissed at how far the company has fallen from once making really proper great (not "good", not, "not bad", but "great") gear

So rise up, all ye lost ones, as one, we'll claw the clouds

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I have the new inspiron with the 4500u and aside from the screen and speakers it's great (i was aware of them before hand, i'm not doing video/photo editing on an 800 laptop but who is?). What most people here seem to always forget is that for 99% of the people who buy them, they're great. Mine does exactly what I want with a keypad, battery life is great, IO isn't a problem. Also pretty easy to upgrade ram and storage as well. Great little machine and definitely worth it to me vs buying used.

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probook 445 and 455 G7 yay the 455 is the one to get, you get the chips with SMT and a 1in larger screen for just a few more.

I way under ordered my 445R G6 and upgraded the storage and ram.


they need to finally drop the HDD on the probook 445/455 line and put a much bigger battery in the 45Wh is sad. it should be a 65-75WH

you can get anywhere from a 768 screen to a 1080p 220 or 250 up to that 400 nit privacy on the 445/455

Good luck, Have fun, Build PC, and have a last gen console for use once a year. I should answer most of the time between 9 to 3 PST

NightHawk 2.0: R7 2700 @4.0ghz, B450m Steel Legends, H105, 4x8gb Geil EVO 2866, XFX RX 580 8GB, Corsair RM750X, 500 gb 850 evo, 500gb 850 pro and 5tb Toshiba x300

Skunkworks: R5 3500U, 16gb, 250 intel 730, 500gb Adata XPG 6000 lite, Vega 8. HP probook G455R G6

Condor (MC server): 6600K, z170m plus, 16gb corsair vengeance LPX, samsung 750 evo, EVGA BR 450.

Bearcat (F@H box) core 2 duo, 1x4gb EEC DDR2, 250gb WD blue, 9800GTX+, STRIX 660ti, supermicro PSU, dell T3400.

Rappter(unfinished compute server) HP DL380G6 2xE5520 24GB ram with 4x146gb 10k drives and 4x300gb 10K drives, running NOTHING can't get anything to work

Spirt  (unfinished NAS) Cisco Security Multiservices Platform server e5420 12gb ram, 1x6 1tb raid 6 for plex + Need funding 16+1 2tb raid 6 for mass storage.

PSU Tier List      Motherboard Tier List      How to get PC parts cheap    HP probook 445R G6 review


"Stupidity is like trying to find a limit of a constant. You are never truly smart in something, just less stupid."  @CircleTech

Camera Gear: Canon SL2, 60D, T5, 24-105 F, 50mm F1.4, 75-300 III, rokinon 25 T1.5, Helios44-m, Sony FS700R, 2 Cos-11D lavs

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In order they were shown:

EliteBook 847 G7: Executives or sales staff that that travel or others that need the confidential options

- FYI: the quiet keyboard is so you can take notes without everyone else on the call hearing it.  "nipple" is for excel selection over long ranges (greater than a pad slide)

Probook 635 aero G7: New employee starter laptop

Probook 445 G7: IT and Tech support as it has RJ45 for plugging into devices

Probook 435 X360: Artists and more elite employees that want the extra features such as flip over screen


Reason that anyone would go all HP is if they have a purchase agreement and/or service agreement.  DELL can be a bit pricey for some organizations but those that will want a group solution could look at HP.


Thank-you for the group review

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my first thought when i watching this video "Wow HP really have come a long way, my old HP G32 require me to remove almost 20 screws while having 3-4 different kind of screw just to be able to access CPU/GPU heat-sink", and now you only need to unscrew 5 captive Phillips head screws to access just about everything but keyboard and screen

Current PC Spec
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3300X 4C8T 
CPU Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5
Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX
RAM: Adata XPG D50 DDR4 3200 CL16 (XMP)
GPU: Asus Dual RX 580 O4G
Storages: 1x500GB Kingston A2000 M.2 NVME(boot drive) 1X1TB Adata SU800 Ultiamte 2.5 inch Sata3 SSD(Game storage) 1X1TB WD Blue 7200 RPM 3.5 inch Hard drive(game and mass storage)
Case: Montech Air 900 Mesh Mid-Tower ATX case
PSU: Delta GPS-500EB 80+ Bronze Non-Modular power supply
Case Fans: 4X Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 RGB fan, 2x 140mm Cooler Master A14-025

Keyboard: Ducky Zero 3108 Cherry MX red
Mouse: Logitech G603 LightSpeed
Headphone: Audio-Technica ATH-M20x
Microphone: AVerMedia AM310

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