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Hello guys i have a gtx 1060 6gb b350 strix f gaming r7 1700 and the problem is that my motherboard and CPU after 2 years got faulty I send the b350 f to the Asus for rma and they fix it and the r7 1700 to amd and today I received the new one btw I buy  b450 tomahawk max because first I send the motherboard cause I didn't knew that and my cpu was faulty anyway I have 2 motherboards the strix one and the tomahawk should I give the r7 1700 unopened new and the strix and just go and buy a 3600x or 2700x or should I keep it with the tomahawk and sell the strix what do you think ? Thanks everyone! And have a nice day!! 

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The 3600 should give you a decent boost in games and could be well worth it, especially if you plan on upgrading the graphics card as well. You can try to sell the components but I would keep them in case someone you know may need a newer pc or just something that works. Really depends if you need some money back or not. Depending on the used market I'd guess you can get the CPU and motherboard sold to even out the cost of buying a 3600. 

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