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Gigabyte 5700xt OC Thermal issues

Hi all,


Been trying to lower the temperatures of the 5700xt as i was peaking at 84 degrees. Set a custom fan curve and undervolted and its dropped to around 74-75 which is fine. However I know the junction temperature will be much higher however its staying about a 20 degrees difference? is this a normal gap? Ive come from nvidia so first time seeing this sort of number.


Also with the fan curve is there anyway of setting it not to follow the junction temp? As your sort of guessing fan speeds at 80-90 degrees because thats what the junction will get up to.


for example 75 degrees and ill be seeing a junction temperature of about 95 degrees is this normal?




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I have the Asus 5700xt and it was running hot before i threw a waterblock on it. Also for messing with the clocks and the fan i recommend MSI Afterburner instead of the crap program AMD offers. I was running 2000 core and 1790 memory on air its toasty but it was the best i could do with limited air cooling and fans on max.

I have my card running at 2150 core and 1900 on the memory now but its water so its not thermal crashing anymore.

Also i dono if gygabite had the same issue as Asus but there was a issue where it wasn't making good contact and there was a manufacturing issue that could be solved with a few plastic washers. Maybe pull the card out and give it a good check and see if you can get it to seperate anywhere. Also maybe pull it apart and take a look at how the contact looks on the die.

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