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Underclocking Monitor


I recently got an old monitor (about 10 to 15 years old) from my brother to use as a secondary screen. The problem is when starting (mostly when doing a "cold" start) the screen is flimmering very bad and sometimes bad enough to be straining on the eyes. So my thought was to maybe use the adrenaline software to "underclock" this one since all it will be running would be discord, Spotify and so forth. But since i dont really know what to change i havent had success and wanted to ask people who might know more than i do. I also wouldnt mind if the solution is to reduce the Resolution etc since like said before its only going to be used for apps that dont really need to look good. 



Acer (dont know the full product name the sticker is missing)

1600*900 60hz 



Rx 480 rog edition and im running the beweist (not the recommendet but the newest) Version of adrenaline



For any more Infos feel free to reply since this is my first Post and i dont really know how to include pictures.

Thx in advance :)

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