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Recommend me a decent dual monitor stand/mount.

Screens will never be bigger than 32" at 21:9.


It also needs to attach to a wooden desk, and I'd love to physically bolt or screw the mount into the desktop.


There is quite a few to choose from on Amazon but having zero experience with these things I'm not sure if I'm gonna get suckered into buying something just because it's cheap, or if I'll over purchase something just because it's expensive.


Any tips?

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Only one I can think of is look at maximum weight ratings and compare them to the weight of the thing you want to hang.  You do not want the device to exceed the maximum weight rating of the stand.   You can get pretty close though without a lot of worry.  The weight rating is only what the stand will hold.  If you drop it or bang on it or hit it with an elbow you can increase the effective weight of the object.

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