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Recovery of accidentally erased data from HDD.

Hello everyone, I need your help ASAP. Friend gave me his ssd and asked me to remove everything from it, so I put it in my pc and entered AOMEI partition assistant and clicked on erease all, but I accidentally clicked on my HDD, and I didn't notice untill it was finished. So now I can't even boot, but that HDD had important files like family photos, bank accounts, so I need to know is there a way to restore that data?

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If this data is very important, take it to a pro, they know what there doing, and are much less likely to make mistakes or make it workse


First thing id do is make a image of that drive, then you can work on this without worry of making it workse.


Then try using tools like rstudio to recover data on the drive. It should be able to find a backup mft, and get most of the files, but this depends on exactly how the drive was earsed.

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