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Any recommendations for some good flat reservoirs ? Maybe one that could fit inside a phanteks p300a. 

Also how are the flat reservoirs mounted inside a case, like this for example.

An eyefull of reservoirs. I love it! 😍 - - - #watercooling #watercooledpc  #watercooled #liquidcooling #liquidcooledp… | Custom computer, Pc gaming  setup, Custom pc 

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Im not into the whole watercooling thig, but I believe thats a distro plate.

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  • New Crucial P1 and Seagate Barracuda Compute 2TB
  • Whichever 3070 I can get
  • Meshify C with tempered glass
  • 6 Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo
  • Full custom loop water cooling.


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That's a distro plate and they're always made for one specific case.   You may be looking for something like a single bay reservoir.

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1 minute ago, HelpfulTechWizard said:

Im not into the whole watercooling thig, but I believe thats a distro plate.

thanks, i wasnt sure what they were called

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I beileve in the picture, That's a custom designed distro plate designed for that case. You can either buy a overpriced case with a distro included, you can buy something like the o11d which supports a ton of different front/side distros, or, you could buy phanteks/Ekwb/other distro plate that fits like rads and a case fan. I forgot the names of them, but they're in the form factor of a radiator with that distro plate look


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