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Cloud database software?

So at work I’ve been tasked with operating the backend of our online shop.

A huge part of my work is about managing all the data that come into our database and preparing it for the marketing department and shipment. Lately we’ve been noticing an increase in online sales, most likely because of the coronavirus.


Our facilities and production can manage it and even the online site has enough capacities. But sadly, our server for the database is not up to the task.

To solve this, I’ve been thinking about switching to a cloud server. With that we would always have enough capacity if needed. The only problem is installing the database and everything.


So maybe a service which manages that for us could be the right option. Do you guys have any experience with something like Aiven for Postgre SQL? First-hand experiences would be really appreciated.

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You mean your company can't afford to invest a few hundred dollars into a dedicated database server?

Literally any PC, fill it with RAM, a SSD and you got yourself a database server. Install MariaDB or PostgresSQL , both open source, and job done.  

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