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Hi everyone,


I got some problem with my ddr4 ram speed. somehow I cant get the reach the advertised speed that is 3200mhz.

I tried increase the voltage up to 1.45V but the pc unable to boot and turn back the ram speed to default 2400mhz.

currently my ram is 2866mhz with 1.38V. because, I cant even got the ram to 2866mhz without increasing the volt.


btw my ram is the PNY XLR8 RGB 16gb = 8x2

the motherboard that I'm using is the Asus Strix b450f with latest bios




PNY XLR8 Epic X RGB Memory (1).jpg

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Is xmp on?


I'm just speaking from experience so what I say may not work 100%

Please try searching up the answer before you post here but I am always glad to help

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