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Need help/suggestion on SoundBar or surround setup.

So guys or gals. I am trying to buy a nice sound system of sorts for my fiance. I am wondering if a decent Sound Bar in the 200$ price range is the best choice ? or if there is some type of other audio setup I should get instead like some sort of surround sound setup ... again it would have to be in the 200$ range. 


The area our tv is in is the living room which is not super big but its an open area and there is 2 entrances into the kitchen from the living room. The TV is basically 5 feet from her though. and shes going to be basically right in front of a soundbar & sub woofer combo if I go with that.  With a surround sound type system there is definitely enough room overall for the speakers but there's no way to put them behind her at all due to the couch being against the wall. so they would have to go beside her and ahead of her. 


The sound bar or system I am getting is needed only for movies and music as that will be the primary reasons it will be used for. She definitely likes a decent amount of base as she mainly listens to rap music and R&B and would also definitely appreciate it for movies to have that home theater type of feel.


The soundbar I was currently looking at is this



I am unsure how powerful it is. I am not even sure if the 190W means anything for sound itself or what.

Any info and any suggestions with links would be greatly appreciated. Note I am Canadian so Amazon.ca or Ebay.ca etc would be best for me.

Thank you guys for your help and wisdom ! :D❤️ you guys and the LTT forums, you guys already helped me with my TV and I was extremely happy with it.


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that price range is pretty rough for systems, if you don't mind refurbished or like new used Ebay has some great options



Polk audio has a history of great sound from everything in their range, this one would be much better for your use case and actually give you proper surround. mounting the "rear" speakers above your heads on the wall above the couch will still give you a rear sound. 



samsung is equally as good with their soundbars however this won't give you "true" surround sound, there's no fancy reflection speakers or dolby atmos to reflect sound off your ceiling but it is clear and the sub has almost as much power as the Polk one, just less speakers to mount and run cables to. 


the 190W is 190watts combined maximum power output the speakers can handle, there's an internal amplifier in the soundbar which provides power to the speakers and sub (sometimes the sub is self powered but not usually in this price range) this doesn't mean the amp is putting out 190watts though, it's the "wishful thinking" maximum power of the speakers and sub combined so you typically will get 20watts for each of the front 2 speakers, and 40-90watts for the sub. that's true for most, if not all, of the soundbars in this price range. Polk and Samsung are well above this range brand new so they will get you up to 60-90watts per speaker and probably closer to 150-300watts for the subwoofer. 


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