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Microsoft Xcloud

Good Afternoon,


I am sure this question has been answered many times but I'm kind of looking for answers tailored to myself.


I used to do a lot of pc gaming in my day but that all changed when I started a family.


I now own a nintendo switch and was excitedly awaiting xcloud on the switch but I understand now that's not happening.


So I have dusted off my pc and plugged it into my TV and purchased myself a wired controller certified for xbox and Windows 10 from Power A, now i know proper pc gaming is best with a keyboard and mouse but thought I would give microsofts xcloud a try, before I sign up i wanted to check if I can comfortably play using xcloud on my PC.


Processor: i7-2600k @3.4ghz

Ram: 16GB DDR3

Graphics Card: GTX1060 3GB

120gb SSD and 2TB HHD


Here is my Internet speed, its uses my mobile but the PC is ethernet connected to the router.




Will xcloud require more processing power from my PC? And will my Internet be adequate.


Thanks in advance for any and all input.



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10 minutes ago, Chalkie said:

Will xcloud require more processing power from my PC?

No, Xcloud requires very little, since it's basically just playing video. Not much different from watching Netflix, except the video being played back is a game and it sends information from the controller back to the server.

12 minutes ago, Chalkie said:

And will my Internet be adequate

You'll just have to try and see.

Hand, n. A singular instrument worn at the end of the human arm and commonly thrust into somebody’s pocket.

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I think the internet speed should be adequate for 1080p gaming. If your household has other devices using bandwidth all the time, you may find yourself running into issues. 

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