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Is this a good keyboard?

 Hey, I found this keyboard on kickstarter and it looks really cool. Do you guys think it would be a good first mechanical keyboard for me to get(I would get the cheapest version of this)? Right now I am using a 2019 or 2020 MacBook pro and I am looking for a keyboard that's easy to move around and a better typing experience than my Mac. Thanks! 

(FYI, I have never used a mechanical keyboard before)

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I don't know about the reliability of that keyboard since I've never had it or watched any reviews of it.  Watching reviews can really help you as reviewers can pinpoint things that might be important for you or annoy you which will help you decide if it's worth getting. 


That being said, from that video it looks really nice and it has some really interesting features.  Being a low profile keyboard that is compatible with mx cherry keycaps is a big big plus, you can chose whatever keycap you want that is compatible with cherry switches ... which is a lot of them.  Also being hot swappable you can change the switches but I think that since it's made for optical switches it's only compatible with other optical switches. 


As for the switches there's about 3 general type of switches clicky, linear and tactile ... so before buying you would have to know what kind of switches would suit you best.  The keyboard being hot swappable, you would be able to buy another set of switches if your first pick is not to your liking, but it add some cost to it in the end. 

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