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High Quality 120mm Radiator Fan + aRGB?



I'm looking into replacing my 4 Alphacool Eislüfter 120mm RGB Fans with something better.

The Alphacools are okay, but I think they are made more for looks than performance.


I'd love to get some Silent Wing 3's from BeQuiet, they also advertise high static pressure BUT... they have no RGB to speak of. and my case is the Thermaltake P5 and chock full of RGB components, so black fans with no lighting would suck.


Is there either some high-end high quality stuff available from other brands with aRGB (not just RGB, but adressable), or some kind of cover to put ontop of the fans? (or behind or so)

The most important thing for me is static pressure, since i have a Monster rad (thats what its called) from Alphacool with 80mm thiccness. Seconds is aRGB control. (but mandatory in some way)





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phantek halo for cover


budget for fans is?



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9 hours ago, narrdarr said:

phantek halo for cover


budget for fans is?



They can be expensive, they are prob gonna be one of the cheapest things in the PC anyways lol

I did see the Phantek cover, but it is only "normal" RGB. If nothing else I will get these witht eh BeQuiet's, but I'd love to have more options.

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deep cool CF 120 

are well balanced between lightning, air flow, style, and silents. static pressure is "OK". they are good for air flow and thin rads.


MasterFan MF120 Halo

more lighting. i don't think the fans are as good.


Lian li uni fan

probably the best argb fan you get if you can find any


then there is corsair

high end models are:




mid range

ML120/140 pro rgb

SP120/140 pro rgb


all of these fan use corsair's own rgb eco system for controlling the lighting called "ICUE". Along the the premium price tag you'll need additional hardware depending on the wanted configuration and weather or not you purchase fans in a pack or not and weather or not you want a commander pro. On the flip size the ICUE software does offer more control than i have seen with other eco systems especially when using other corsair things like RGB keyboards, ram, and rgb others.



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