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Does anyone know what's happening?

My Pixel 4 XL shuts off when I put it down. Even the slightest tap on the table turns it off. When it shuts off, it won't turn back on unless a charger is connected. Even when the battery is 90%+ it still does this. I had to go all day without it working because I was not home and without a charger. Maybe it's a loose connector in the phone? In the video I'll link you can see it shut off when I put it down. Then I hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Nothing works so I grab my charger and it gets to the Google screen. Then I set it down gently and it turns right back off again. Even with the charger connected it didn't turn back on the second time. 



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Maybe the battery is loose or not connected properly or something along those lines. The impact makes some sort of temporary disconnect from the battery and so the phone turns off. Can't see why the power button doesen't work though. This is my best possible guess. Don't take it seriously - just a theory.

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