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G-sync compatible?

So I have been thinking of buying Samsung Odyssey G5 (either 27-inch or 32-inch is fine), because it is not really expensive and it meets my requirements. However, it is not G-sync compatible. I do not know if it will have a big difference if I buy a non G-sync monitor. I usually play FPS games on my laptop, I decided to get a PC because I want to get a better gaming performance. I have never used a monitor before, so I hope I can get some opinions from PC users. 


Also, I am planning to use RTX 3070 as my graphics card and I am trying to build my PC as low-budget as possible. 


If you have other monitor suggestions, please recommend them to me. I am not an expert at monitors, I would be glad if you can help me out, thank you. 

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I have a non-g sync monitor and I play a lot of  some CSGO, and I have never experienced regular tearing. Maybe once in like 2 hours. I think you are going to be fine, but if you are really hardcore then you should get a g sync monitor.

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