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Custom Windows 10 ISO?

Hoping someone can help with this as I feel like I'm missing something here....


I want to create a custom windows 10 install, for use on a bootable USB drive or Disk (I don't need this for mass deployment over a network or anything, just with a few PC's). I want to save time on having to click through the prompts on the standard windows 10 installer. Maybe have a few power settings already set up to my liking, and a few small applications pre-installed. It also needs to be separate/clean from any hardware specific drivers or anything that may cause compatibility issues so I can install it on any PC. 


Is this possible using bootable USB/Disk or would I need a windows server environment with network boot etc.? Can't seem to find a simple solution to this online without overkill stuff....



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How does Hiren's BootCD PE sounds to you?

It's a compact version of Windows 10 that you boot from a USB drive,

And it comes with drivers for most devices


Download page:


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