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How to fix the laptop ASUSTeK GL553VE

So i have 


its a gaming laptop


i7 7700hq  8gb ram 2400 mhz 1050 ti 4gb 

normal temps 50 degree for gpu and 65 for cpu 


so the problem is that it performers shit it not good at anything and xpm overclocking all are disabled in bios what should i do 

i get low fps at even low settings most of the games what should i do help me please someone



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-= Topic moved to Troubleshooting =-

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5 minutes ago, SansVarnic said:

-= Topic moved to Troubleshooting =-

thanks moderator i am new here did not knew which category to select

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On 9/24/2020 at 3:00 AM, TotallyNotGigabit said:

Are you in any powersaving mode during it?

Not at all ideal cpu temp is at 70 degree plus 

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